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TH-02 Ethylene Polymerization Inhibitor

Characteristics of TH-02:
TH-02polymerization Inhibitoris a full new formulation with comprehensive functions of excellent polymerization inhibitory, antioxidant properties and metal passivation as well as good property forbreaking of scales, it can also effectively restrains scale formation and cleans scales in splitter and re-boiler to extent operating life of these equipment. TH-02 is non-toxic material, it poses no adverse effect to the downstream process and product quality.

TH-02 Quality Specification

Test Method
Appearance Cardinal red liquid Visual test with eyes
Density (20°C) 0.9000~0.950 GB611
Moisture content ≤1.0 GB/T260
Viscosity (40°C) 3~5 Rotating viscosity meter
Flash point (Open) °C ≥70 GB/T267
Solidifying point(°C) ≤-30 GB/T510
Mechanical impurities ≤0.2 GB/T511

Packaging & Storage:
This product shall be handled and stored under 40 °C. Far away from flame and avoid moisture. This product is non-flammable and non-explosive, however, general regulations for dealing with chemicals shall be followed during the application. Wash with large amount of water and soap in case of skin contact.

This product is packed in 200L galvanized iron barrel, net weight 170Kg per barrel.

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